Thursday, April 26, 2012

SYDNEY: Brian Morris fails to erase Gilgal

April 26, 2012

Morris erases Gilgal Society from leaflets

...but the Society fails to return the favour
This morning, documents suddenly disappeared from the website of Professor Brian Morris of the University of Sydney.

They were his leaflets promoting circumcision, bearing the imprint of the Gilgal Society. The head of the Gilgal Society, Vernon Quainance, has been convicted of possessing child pornography.

Until yesterday, Morris's leaflet Circumcision, a guide for parents, said it was published by Brian Morris & The Gilgal Society, with the society's address and logo. Today, all reference to the society is gone, along with a reference to Morris's "interest in circumcision".

His leaflet for women, "Sex and Circumcision: What every woman needs to know", which boasted a long list of co-authors - a virtual roll-call of the pro-circumcison movement - was removed and later replaced by a black and white version, again with all reference to the Gilgal Society removed. Links to the Circumcision Foundation of Australia and the circumcision fetish site circlist replace the link to it.

Since the weekend, the Gilgal Society website has carried the message: We regret that as a result of major computer failure none of our publications are currently available to order from us. But Professor Morris's leaflets continue to be advertised on the site!

Professor Morris's site continues to show a "circumcision humor" page, including a verse by "Vernon Quantance" [sic] directly under a picture (NSFA: Not Suitable For Anywhere) of a baby with his foreskin trapped in a cellphone [sick]

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