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ZIMBABWE: Pain haunts circumcison poster-boy
February 25, 2014

Zimbabwe: Circumcision Pain Haunts Jah Prayzah

by Tawanda Marwizi
Man of the moment Mukudzei Mukombe aka Jah Prayzah has revealed he is having a hard time on stage due fresh circumcision wounds.

The musician was circumcised last week but did not take a break from shows and continues with energetic dances against post-circumcision medical instructions.

Speaking at the sidelines of the 21st February Movement Gala in Marondera on Sunday the musician said he is performing for the love of his fans but he is still in pain.

"I could not abandon my shows that had already been booked and we are going on with stage work but I am in pain," said Jah Prayzah.

The musician was involved in non-surgical PrePex male circumcision and it takes up to two weeks for the initial painful stages to subside.

[All circumcision is surgical. The PrePex method crushes instead of cutting and causes significant pain.]

"I can't divulge the stage of the process is now but what I can say is I am feeling the pain but this should not stop people from getting circumcised. I am braving the pain for the love of my fans," he said.

A health expert from a local circumcision clinic however said people should not be engaged in vigorous activities before circumcision wounds heal.

"People are just encouraged not to get involved vigorous activities because the healing process might be disturbed."

Meanwhile the musician has encouraged men to get circumcised.

"People should just take the responsibility. I might be in pain for this short while but I now know I did this for my healthy safety and for the safety of my partner."

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