Monday, June 23, 2014

STOCKHOLM: 28 girls from one class genitally cut

Bhaskar News
June 21, 2014

SHOCKING: Every girl of same class reported to have undergone genital mutilation in Sweden

Stockholm: A shocking case of female genital mutilation has come to light in a school of Sweden.
At least 28 girls of the same class have reportedly gone through the extreme form of circumcision. The incident came to light after an investigation.

According to the health officials of Norrkoping, every girl of the single class was subjected to the procedure of female genital mutilation.

At least 60 such cases have been reported since March in Norrkoping. Out of 60, at least 28 girls have gone through the torture of extreme circumcision in which clitoris and labia are cut off while the vagina is sewn up leaving a small opening.

The practice of female genitals mutilation is common in 27 countries mostly African and with large Muslim population.

However, Sweden was one of the countries which prohibited the practice of genital mutilation. The country had banned forced circumcision by parents on the child in the year 1999.

The student health coordinator of Norrkoping, Petra Blom Andersson told a newspaper "We're working to inform parents that they could face prison if they come back and their children have undergone female genital mutilation."

The female genital mutilation is a punishable act in Sweden. Since 1982, the punishment was restricted to imprisonment but in 1999, the law was changed.

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