Tuesday, May 1, 2012

UGANDA: Target of 4.2 million men circumcised

UG Pulse
April 30, 2012

Uganda Health News: Ministry of health targets 4.2 million people for circumcision

The Ministry of health has a target of 4.2 million people to be circumcised by 2015, as part of the means to check new HIV infections.
[The male population of Uganda is aprroximately 18 million. ]
The country registers 130,000 new infections annually, in a trend that experts say is worrying.
The ministry’s Program manager Aids Control, Dr. Joshua Musinguzi says the campaign is expected to have positive results, since circumcision has been proven to reduce chances of contracting HIV/AIDS by 60%

[Only for men, and hardly "proven".]
Musinguzi however cautions those circumcised against living reckless lives, since it does not offer full protection;
[While the leaders speak in euphemisms about "living reckless lives" they are never going to grasp issue.]
Meanwhile, the Government has today rolled out a campaign where mayors and municipal leaders are being engaged to promote safe male circumcision and eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV.
[Eliminate? How?]

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