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MANCHESTER: "Discredited" method used to circumcise baby who died

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December 7, 2012

Nurse accused of killing Oldham baby in botched circumcision used 'discredited' procedure, court hears

by Lucy Kenderdine

A nurse accused of killing a four-week-old Oldham baby in a botched circumcision used a ‘relatively dangerous’ and ‘discredited’ procedure, a court heard today.

Grace Adeleye, 67, of Sarnia Court, Salford, denies manslaughter by gross negligence where 27-day-old Goodluck Caubergs died following the operation at his home.

The jury in Manchester Crown Court heard evidence from expert circumcision consultant Nigel Zoltie on the Nigerian religious ‘clamp and cut’ procedure used by Adeleye in the circumcision.

He said: “Bleeding is such a significant risk that it must be explained to the parents, particularly for the method used on Goodluck.”

Mr Zoltie added that the traditional method carries risks greater than others currently used and the procedure has largely been discredited by medical circles.

But he did argue that it whilst the instruments used by the defendant, artery forceps and surgical scissors, were not the ideal tools, if ‘used with skill’ they could do the job effectively and safely.

The prosecution also argued that the high risks and complications that can arise as a result of the procedure were not properly explained to the parents.

This could mean that full consent for the circumcision was not given as the parents did not fully understand what it entailed and how it would be done, the court were told.

Adeleye also did not get written consent from the parents to carry out the procedure as it is not customary to do so for community and religious circumcisions, the jury heard.

However she defended herself by saying that she discussed the risks with the parents before the procedure through a series of phone calls with the father on the day of the circumcision.

She said: “I explained everything to him and he told me he understood.”

Adeleye added that the fact that they had asked her to perform the circumcision was enough consent for community circumcisions and written consent was never given.

The court also heard evidence surrounding the aftercare of baby Goodluck and what information the parents were given regarding his safety.

Neither parent received written information on what to look out for in terms of complications after the procedure.

Adeleye said: “I told them they should watch out for bleeding and infection.”

The trial continues next week.

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