Saturday, March 16, 2013

SACRAMENTO: Hospital denies death was circumcision-related

March 13, 2013

Hospital denies circumcision caused death

by Hugh Young

UC Davis Children's Hospital has posted on its Facebook page:

The comments being posted regarding a patient who allegedly died because of circumcision at UC Davis are entirely false and misleading. The patient was not circumcised at UC Davis and the cause of the patient’s death was not circumcision, nor was it hemophilia or a clotting disorder. UC Davis did all it could to save the patient’s life, and we are deeply sorry for this family’s loss. UC Davis has a deep respect for the privacy of its patients and does not use patient names in social media without their express consent and does not permit posting of patient names by third parties.

The baby was circumcised at Lodi, two days before he died. The coronor's report into his death has not yet been released. The hospital is pre-empting the court in determining the cause of death.

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