Saturday, May 25, 2013

MEDFORD, OREGON: Mainstream TV mentions circumcision deaths, risks, profit motive

May 23, 2013

Intactness goes mainstream

by Hugh Young

Intactivism took a step forward with the broadcast on a mainstream TV channel of a programme detailing the risks and harms of circumcision. On May 22, KOBI TV (NBC) broadcast "Circumcision Secrets" including an interview with Jennifer Margulis, author of "The Business of Baby" in which she mentioned - for perhaps the first time - the risk of death from circumcision.

Koeby Johnson is perhaps the first father on mainstream media to say that he is circumcised but has left his sons intact.

The figure of 117 circumcision deaths/year in the USA is speculative, but conservative. A study in Brazil suggests a US death rate of 156/year.

In Part 2, Jennifer Margulis mentions - again for perhaps the first time on mainstream media - botched circumcisions and the profit motive in circumcision.

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