Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SAUDI ARABIA: Travel ban on ENT doctor who botched four circumcisions

Saudi Gazette
June 3, 2013

Travel ban on Arab doctor after 'botched circumcisions'

MADINAH — Government bodies in Madinah have banned an Arab doctor from leaving the country after he was accused of botching four circumcision procedures, Al-Watan newspaper reported.

Madinah Health Affairs have admitted the babies to a local children’s hospital to prepare reports about their conditions.

The babies’ parents complained to the directorate about their children’s suffering after they were circumcised.

They said the babies were having difficulties urinating and their wounds have not healed despite the long period that had passed since the procedure.

The Director of Madinah Health Affairs Dr. Abdullah Al-Taifi said a medical committee was formed to investigate the incident and the babies were admitted to a hospital.

He said the doctor who performed the procedures works at a private hospital as a nose and ear specialist and was not licensed to perform such procedures.

He added that the doctor has caused harm to the babies and the directorate has notified security bodies to ban him from leaving the country until investigations are completed.

The medical committee will submit a report of its findings to the judicial authorities for further action.

In another incident, a child suffered chest and skin inflammation in a private hospital after a needle was mistakenly left in his chest.

Al-Tafi said he regretted these mistakes and that a committee was also formed to investigate the incident. [Any regret or committees for the four circumcised babies?]

The official apologized to the child’s parents and said that they have the right to sue those responsible. [Any apology or right to sue for the parents of the four circumcised babies?]

He said the reports regarding the five incidents would be ready by Monday.

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