Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PERTH: More botched circumcisions reported

Perth Now (Australia)
August 22, 2013

Botched circumcisions on the rise

by Kaitlyn Offer

MORE Perth men are seeking legal advice for botched cosmetic circumcisions, according to one Perth law firm.

Medical law specialist Karina Hafford from Slater and Gordon said so far this year about six men, almost one a month, had come to her for legal advice over male circumcisions gone wrong.

The lawyer of 15 years said it was worrying to see the men looking for help as she had never had an inquiry over male circumcision before. [Perhaps men are becoming more critical as the issue is raised on the Internet.]

“I had never seen these types of issues until this year when I've had a handful of inquiries in as many months,” Ms Hafford said.

She said the jump in inquiries was particularly related to overseas, cosmetic procedures, done in Europe and Asia.

“My advice would be to avoid overseas surgeries – many country’s health industries are not regulated as carefully as Australia,” Ms Hafford said.

“We’ve all seen horror stories in the media about ‘cosmetic tourism’ gone wrong.”

Ms Hafford said there were several reasons why a man might opt for a cosmetic circumcision.

“Men may choose this surgery for health reasons, such as infected piercings, bladder problems, cosmetic appearance, religious reasons, or to fix their original procedure as a child,” Ms Hafford said.

“No matter what the reason, it can be a very complex and emotive health issue for men and they need to be careful when they choose their surgeon.”

WA Department of Health chief medical officer Gary Geelhoed said he was not aware of a rise in the number of cosmetic circumcision procedures being done and it was not performed in the WA public health system except for medical reasons.

“Male circumcision is not generally recommended,” he said.

“Although it is a minor operation, like any surgery it has risks including infection.”

Ms Hafford said men should carefully check their surgeon's credentials and history of investigations or complaints before going ahead with a circumcision.


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