Friday, December 13, 2013

FLORIDA: Doctors charging "circumcision deposit" before sex is known

Some doctors are charging expectant parents a "circumcision deposit" long before they know the sex of their child, and even if the plan to leave a boy intact. This is unethical, and increases the risk of unwanted circumcisions.

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From: MommyFeathers
Has anyone else had to do this? We recently moved and I chose a dr based on several great recommendations, but I called today and made an appt and was told that I have to pay $200 before my first appt for "possible circumcision"! First, I'm what, 7 weeks? no clue as to whether we're even having a boy or girl, and Second, even if we do have a boy he won't be circumcised. But when I tried to explain that, the receptionist told me that it didn't matter, everyone had to pay it and then they would refund the money after the birth...just sounds crazy to me...he better be as good a Dr as I've been told!

The Whole Network Facebook, December 11, 2013 Fan Question: I am pregnant with my second child and my regular OB (who delivered my daughter) started a new policy that forces patients to pay a "circ deposit" before their first prenatal visit. Apparently this is a growing trend among doctors. Whether or not you are having a boy or if you want to keep him intact you have to pay and if you don't use it the money will be refunded after you are discharged from the hospital. I tried fighting it but they told me it won't be done unless I sign a consent form at the hospital. Since it is a new policy I am worried that the staff at the hospital will see that I paid and do it anyway assuming I wanted it done. I just found out that I am having a boy so I need to decide what to do now. Even though they are promising that I will have a say in the end, it makes me really uncomfortable and I'm not sure how safe my son will really be. I am thinking about switching to a new OB over this but I have medicaid so my options are limited. Would it be worth switching over? I am also not sure how to find an intact friendly OB so i was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction. I didn't search for a doctor with my daughter because he was my regular GYN. I'm in Melbourne FL. There are no birthing centers around here.

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