Sunday, April 27, 2014

MISSISSIPPI: Father who lost penis to circumcision learnt nothing, cuts son

Man who learnt nothing ...

Clarion Ledger (Mississippi)
April 25, 2014

Man who lost penis in circumcision circumcises own son

by Emily Le Coz
Space constraints in the newspaper limited how much I could write about the man whose reconstructed penis allowed him to father a child naturally. [No, artificially.] ...
... even though Mike Moore lost his penis because of a tragic circumcision accident, he decided to circumcise his infant son (who is now 6 months old).

Mike "was nervous about having him circumcised," his wife, Heather said, "but there was no cutting involved – just a little plastic ring that goes around him and then it just falls off."

The procedure went smoothly, and everyone is happy and healthy and in tact. [sic]
Speaking of botched circumcisions, here are the court documents related to a case almost identical to Moore's where a 2-year-old boy lost his penis after a laser-cut circumcision. (Moore was 7 when he lost his.)

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