Saturday, February 7, 2015

TURKEY: $250,000 payout for botched cut

The Guardian
January 20, 2015

Record award for family of Turkish boy whose circumcision was botched

Boy who was taken to mass circumcision ceremony for disadvantaged children lost large portion of his penis and health ministry ordered $255,000 payment

A Turkish court has approved a record compensation payment for the family of a boy who had a large portion of his penis removed and burnt off in a botched circumcision operation, media reported.

The boy, who is now six, underwent the operation when he was one year old in a mass circumcision ceremony for boys from disadvantaged families in the south-eastern city of Batman.

The upper portion of the penis was mistakenly cut and burnt off during the operation, and the boy was still receiving care for his wounds, private Dogan news agency reported.

On Tuesday, a Batman court ordered the health ministry to pay the boy’s family a record 600,000 Turkish liras ($255,000) in damages, Dogan said.

The family of seven claimed that the operation was carried out only by a health technician because no qualified doctor was present during the circumcision.

The boy was sent home with burn creams and was told to “have some rest to heal properly”.
The parents, however, are not satisfied with the amount, saying that their child might require further treatment, including care abroad.

They are still seeking more than 2 million more Turkish liras ($850,000) in damages, Dogan said.
Circumcision is widely practised in all Islamic countries, including predominantly Muslim but staunchly secular Turkey.

It is an expense that many families find difficult to afford, with the operation costing hundreds of dollars and the ensuing celebrations even more.

As a result, many parents choose to pay unskilled circumcisers or barbers, who perform the operation with unsterilised instruments.

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