Monday, March 9, 2015

FLORIDA: Uncle says "the devil made me" circumcise nephew

Ocala Star Banner (Florida)
February 7, 2015

Uncle accused of trying to circumcise toddler says 'the Devil' made him do it

Austin L. Miller
OCALA — For the last seven or eight years, Larry Leroy Floyd said he has heard the same voice in his head, a voice he calls “the Devil.”

Floyd said the voice has been controlling his actions ...

On the afternoon of Jan. 31, Floyd said the voice told him to injure his nephew.

“I grabbed skin and I cut and when I was finished, I flushed the foreskin (of his nephew's penis) down the toilet. It was the worst thing it has ever told me to do,” Floyd said describing how he attempted to circumcise his 21-month-old nephew.

Charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, Floyd was arrested by Ocala police ...

The boy's father told officers he saw his son bleeding from his penis and asked Floyd what had happened. He said Floyd told him that he had tried circumcise the boy ...

In his interview with the Star-Banner, Floyd said he “was possessed at the time” he tried circumcising his nephew. He said when he “came to his senses,” he realized what he had done...

Clara Hurt, Floyd's mother, said ... the child's mother just wants to know why.

She said the little boy had some broken vessels, and doctors had to perform surgery to stabilize him.
...[Floyd's] hearing for his latest charge is slated for next month.

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