Wednesday, August 19, 2015

FLORIDA: Emergency restraining order filed

Chase's Guardians (Palm Beach, Florida)
May 15, 2015

Temporary Restraining Order granted

Yesterday, the attorney for Heather Hironimus, The Hunker Law Group, P.A. filed her Affidavit, in support of Motions for Temporary Restraining Orders. The restraining orders will maintain her son's liberty and prevent his forced circumcision by the lower court's previous order, while the US District Court adjudicates the Civil Rights Complaint filed on behalf of Chase last week.

Heather's affidavit in support of motion for temporary restraining order against Dennis Nebus, Judge Gillen, and all sheriff's of the state of Florida includes some information that was not previously public, like the fact that Chase is prone to developing keloid scars (which means that if he is circumcised he will likely have a keloid scar on his penis)

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