Saturday, August 11, 2012

SYDNEY: Don't offer circumcision - doctors' poll

Australian Doctor
August 9, 2012

Strong opposition to newborn circumcision

By Jo Hartley
Half of the Australian Doctor community believe that the circumcision of newborns is tantamount to child abuse and should never be performed, a survey reveals. [Or rather, half of those who chose to take part in an online survey agree with a statement that ...]

Findings from an online poll show that 74% of those responding to the question ‘should parents be routinely offered circumcision for their newborns in the public system’ said no.

Of these 51% likened the procedure to child abuse, while a further 23% said circumcision was a personal or religious choice and should only be available to parents of newborns in the private sector. [Or rather, they ticked one of those two optional ways of saying "No"]

One doctor wrote: “Circumcision is a personal or religious choice. However, it is a choice that is not made by the person that it is being done to. At the age of majority, the decision... [registration required]

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