Sunday, August 19, 2012

MALAWI: Circum-raped - to use foreskin for ritual?

This is as bad as rape.
The Weekend Times (Malawi)
August 17, 2012

Man's foreskin goes missing

[A belittling headline]
By Howard Mlozi
A man in Mangochi, on the southern tip of Lake Malawi, Stanley Kalonga woke up to a shocking sight of a missing foreskin from his member after two men forcefully circumcised him.

Police in Mangochi are keeping in custody the two men, 52-year-old Lanjesi Adam and Ali Suwedi, 43, who allegedly wounded the 29-year-old man amid speculation that the foreskin would be used for rituals.

Police spokesperson for Eastern Region Thomeck Nyaude said the incident happened on August 8 near Ntagaluka Mosque in Mangochi.

“Adam and Suwedi are currently in custody waiting for a court trial in which they will answer charges of unlawful wounding of Kalonga during a forced circumcision. The victim reported his ordeal to police before being referred to Mangochi District Hospital where he was treated as an outpatient,” said Nyaude.

He said that Kalonga plies [his trade as a] cyclist transporter at Mangochi town and on August 8, 2012 he was hired by Suwedi to take him to Ntagaluka Mosque where he ended up being forcefully circumcised.

“Kalonga explained that they stopped at Ntagaluka Mosque upon being advised by Suwedi that he wanted to collect some items in a nearby grass-thatched hut. Suwedi is said to have come out of the hut few minutes later and advised him to enter as well for some discussions.

“But when Kalonga entered, he found Suwedi’s accomplice Adam inside who smiled at him, saying he was welcomed. This shocked Kalonga who tried to escape but he was grabbed,” said Nyaude.

Then Suwedi undressed Kalonga as his counterpart Adam was preparing a razorblade which was used to circumcise him.

Within minutes, the compulsory mission was accomplished cutting off Kalonga’s foreskin. He spent a night there and he was released on August 9, 2012, the day he decided to report the matter to the police.

He said the police were still cross-examining the two suspects to establish their intention behind the forced circumcision on Kalonga.

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