Saturday, September 15, 2012

KENTUCKY: Man who lost whole penis appeals verdict

September 11, 2012

Appeals court to weigh penis amputation verdict

By Brett Barrouquere
FRANKFORT, Ky. -- The Kentucky Court of Appeals is set to hear oral arguments in the case of a man whose penis was amputated during what was scheduled as a circumcision.

Arguments are set for 10 a.m. EDT Tuesday in Frankfort. A Shelby County jury in 2011 ruled in favor of Dr. John Patterson of Louisville, who had been sued by Phillip Seaton of Waddy in 2008. Seaton alleged that Patterson unnecessarily amputated his penis and that the surgery was never authorized.

Seaton says he went in for a circumcision and wasn't given an opportunity to seek a second opinion before the amputation.

Patterson told jurors he had permission to perform any medical procedure deemed necessary and that the doctor found cancer in the organ during the surgery.

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