Saturday, September 29, 2012

UGANDA: Women discourage men from getting circumcised
September 28, 2012

Uganda: Tororo Women Discourage Men From Circumcision

By Faustin Odeke
Tororo women are discouraging their husbands from undergoing circumcision, health authorities have disclosed.

Willy Mungoma, the district health educator, said ... "In our routine sensitisation programmes and radio tallkshows, women challenge us to explain how long their husbands would take to heal. This is because they think taking a long time to heal would make them miss sex,"...


Under the National Priority Action Plan, the health ministry targets having 1,250,000 men circumcised by 2013. They also want 3.5 million men counseled and tested for HIV/AIDS.


The district chairman, Emmanuel Osuna, said some of the circumcised men were being promiscuous, a trend that increases the number of new infections since circumcision provides only about 60% protection.

He appealed to leaders in the district to sensitise and mobilise men for HIV testing and circumcision.


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