Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TANZANIA: Campaign to COMPEL men to be circumcised
February 11, 2013

Tanzania: Handeni Promotes Male Circumcision to Curb HIV Spread

Handeni — HANDENI district have launched a campaign to compel men in the area to undergo circumcision as a preventive measure against HIV/AIDS.

The campaign was announced over the weekend by the District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr Somoka Mwakapalala, when speaking during a public rally at Kabuku ward on the last leg of Tanga Regional Commissioner Chiku Gallawa's tour of Handeni.

The RC wanted to know measures that the district has taken so far in sensitizing the public on preventive measures against HIV/AIDS especially those living along highways where the infection rate is still high.

The DMO said apart from sensitizing the people to be faithful to their partners, abstain from sex or use condom, the district had also launched a campaign of encouraging men to undergo circumcision.

According to Dr Mwakapalala, circumcised men have lower chances of being infected with the deadly virus than those who are uncircumcised. He said health workers and activists in the district have been moving around the district to sensitize men do so bearing in mind that some tribes do not practice circumcision.


HIV Rates: Circumcised men6.5%
Intact men5.6%
[We may hope that "compel" is faulty English, but this has been expected for a long time.]

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  1. Right now in Tanzania, it is the circumcised who have markedly higher HIV incidence.

    Foreskin feels REALLY good. Seriously, it's the best part.