Friday, July 12, 2013

GUANGZHOU, CHINA: man loses penis after botched circumcision

Malaysia Chronicle
July 7, 2013


A 30-year-old man in Guangzhou has been forced to have his penis amputated after experiencing complications following what he believes to have been a botched circumcision operation and subsequent treatment. The dispute has become public after the orthopedic clinic where he was circumcised failed to reach a settlement with the man regarding compensation.?

The man, surnamed Liu, uploaded numerous pictures of his penis on Weibo, seeking help from the public.

Liu went to the Jiahan orthopedic hospital for a circumcision procedure on May 23. After the surgery, Liu experienced an edema or swelling in his penis. The doctor and his assistant told him this was a normal reaction after the surgery.

On June 6, Liu returned to the hospital for microwave radiation treatment and said the radiation light had been placed as close as 30 millimeters to his penis.

On the evening of June 7, Liu found that the tip of his penis had started turning dark, and two days later his entire penis turned black.

"I kept asking the hospital to transfer me to another hospital, but they kept turning me down at first," Liu said, adding that he had missed the optimal time for the problem to be treated.

The hospital, Liu said, not only refused to pay him the US$490,000 he requested in compensation, but also "threatened me and my wife."

Another hospital that performed the surgery to remove Liu's penis said it was not sure whether this would affect Liu's fertility.

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