Saturday, July 6, 2013

NORTH AMERICA: Big Foreskin Pride contingents in LGBTI parades

June 30, 2013

Big Foreskin Pride contingents at GLBTI parades

Intactivist contingents at Pride parades were significantly bigger than last year.

Nearly 50 marched in San Francisco under the banner of Bay Area Intactivists:

Bay Area Intactivist marchers in SF Pride, 2013
Bay Area Intactivists in SF Pride, 2013

In Toronto, the Star commented:
'The parade also included a group called Foreskin Pride, which advocates the right of people to choose whether or not they're circumcised. Its contingent featured several dozen completely naked and uncircumcised men, one of whom held a sign reading, “Foreskins Feel Really Good.”'

Georganne Chapin of Intact America reported on the Howard Stern show about marchers in New York

There was also a Foreskin Pride contingent in the Chicago Pride parade, and an Intactivist contingent in the San Diego Pride parade. Victoria BC will have a Foreskin Pride contingent in the Pride parade this Sunday, and Vancouver will have one in August. Indianapolis Pride was held on June 8, and included an Intactivist group.

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