Monday, May 26, 2014

HOUSTON, TX: Congressman wants to protect circumcision - in Europe!

"Protecting" adults at the expense of children

Your Houston News
May 24, 2014

Stockman seeks to protect religious freedom in the European Union

In response to the growing number of religious freedom assaults in the European Union, Congressman Stockman introduced H.R. 4650, the "European Union Religious Freedom Act." It was referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee.

This bill seeks to amend the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 to include religious freedom violations relating to homeschooling, Jewish and Islamic meat production, circumcision practices, and religious garb.

"In countries like Bulgaria and Lithuania, parents can't homeschool their children. In Sweden and Denmark, Jews and Muslims can't prepare meat according to their religious beliefs. In Sweden alone, they face legal restrictions on circumcision. In France, citizens cannot wear religious garb in public schools," said Congressman Stockman.

"These laws are unjust towards these Europeans. The International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 needs to be updated with provisions protecting their freedoms on these religious issues. My bill would do just that," Congressman Stockman added.

If enacted, this legislation would go into effect immediately.

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