Friday, August 22, 2014

KENYA: 12 men circum-raped

NewsFix (Kenya)
August [7], 2014

Dozen Kenyans forced to undergo circumcision after wives complain

MOI’S BRIDGE, KENYA – Are some men a cut above the rest? A few tribes in Kenya seems to think so after they forced at least a dozen dudes to undergo circumcisions as part of a traditional ceremony. And who tipped-off the tribes that these men hadn’t gone under the knife before? Their unsatisfied wives.

Kenyan radio station West FM reports many tribal woman believe unsnipped men are dirty and don’t perform in bed as well as circumcised men do. Luckily for the wives [and unluckily for the husbands], the first three weeks of August marks “Circumcision Season” in Kenya and so they volunteered their unsuspecting husbands to take part in the festivities.

A happy mob sang circumcision songs, while the men were ambushed and then stripped naked. The men were then forced to take a mud bath before going to their local clinic for the quick snip. This might make the wives happier, but not everyone is thrilled with the trimming. About 50 tribal men have asked the local police to help them hide from the clippers. Hopefully, they can stay out of sight until the end of circumcision season, still a few weeks away.

[None of the many little jocularities will change this event from being a mass rape.]

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