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MALAWI: Artist slams mass circumcision

Malawi Voice
August 14, 2014

Manganya Slams medical Male Circumcision

by Munthu Wakuda Leo
The incomprehensible messages about medical male circumcision exercise pose great danger of creating a group of innocent victims of the ongoing flying pestilence of HIV and Aids, Malawi's own top notch comedian, Michael "Manganya" Usi has varned.

During a press briefing in Blantyre on Wednesday, Usi said the information package about male circumcision, an exercise which is currently taking place in 6 districts of Malawi and targets 35,000 sexually active males lacks the necessary embodiment as on how long one should take to resume sexual activity after undergoing the surgery.

In his series of arguments, Usi said that the historical background of male circumcision which [d]ates way back to the biblical days portrays the cultural and traditional aspect of practice to have been designed for children and could only take place 8 days after birth.

He said this provided enough space for the wound to heal completely and most importantly the lengthy period for the foreskin of the male member to harden enough before indulging in sexual activity.

He said, more less, the same applied to the ethnic Yao and Lhomwe cultures where boys in their tender ages are circumcised.

Against this background, Usi wondered if at all, the media was aware that a lot of people (who are already sexually active) are opting for medical male circumcision primarily because they are fascinated by the much talked about value that circumcision adds to their sexual enjoyment hence that their chances of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STl's) including HIV and AIDS would be minimlsed. He said it is frightening to learn that many a jack out there are not so clear about the message coming forth with male circumcision.

"In my research I have heard some of those that got circumcised boasting about their unprotected sexual exploits on women because they believe they can not contract any STI vith HIV and AIDS inclusive," said Usi adding "this is enough cause for fear that a new group of innocent victims can be created."

The think tank also argued that medical male circumcision is a misplaced allocation of medical resources at the expense of many serious emergencies like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Why a misplaced allocation? Usi explained: "It is because the resources used would greatly help those suffering from ailments that are killing our people nowadays not only those that report at hospital but by using the same initiative of going to various places of the country to commence health camps to treat those most challenging ailments."

Various commentators have since hailed Manganya for his timely intervention in this national undertaking if not properly handled can negatively impact many innocent lives.

"This Manganya has come out again from his normal busy schedule to make us wake up from our slumber and I know he's doing so because he has the interest of Malawians at heart," said Hastings Chikankheni, a Blantyre based academician.

"We need more of people like Manganya, a modem day patriot who uses brain power to spark a debate for the benefit of all our people not just a a few that are hiding in their selfish minds," said the other, Florence Majamanda, a house wife in the city of Lilongwe.

According to The Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Henry Chimbali, Medical Male Circumcision project was launched in October, 2011 with the aim of reducing risk of contracting srrs including HIV and AIDS among sexually active males The project is expected to roll out to all districts of Malawi.

[It is not clear whether the Michael Manganya Usi of this story is the same as Michael Usi in the next.]

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