Thursday, September 11, 2014

KENYA: Another man circum-raped

Citizen News (Kenya)
August 22, 2014

Man Forcibly Circumcised In Meru

by Morgan Mueke
A man in Meru County was today, Friday forcibly circumcised after residents discovered that he had married before undergoing the cut.

The man's wife is said to have ‘let the cat out of the bag’ after a domestic quarrel.

Young men from the area frog marched him from one shop to the next fundraising for what they called ‘an expensive exercise’.

Circumcision according to Meru community is a major cultural ritual transition from a boy to a man.

They believe skipping it is like inviting ridicule and shame as a dirty man.

Residents in his village have been calling him a ‘Mwiji’, the Meru word for one who is not circumcised.

The youths said the man is ready now to be a man in the community.

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