Saturday, September 27, 2014

ZIMBABWE: Sex workers shun circumcised men - "They take too long"

September 9, 2014

Sex Workers in Mazabuka avoiding sex with circumcised men

Some Sex Worker in Mazabuka town in Southern province are allegedly avoiding attending to men that are circumcised.

The Sex Workers complain that the circumised men ‘take too long’ during sexual encounters and that this is bad for their business.
[And will they insist that intact men use condoms, which may also slow them down? This throws "circumcision to prevent HIV" into disarray.]

Quoting March Zambia, a local Non-Governmental Organisation, Zambia Daily reports that the Sex Workers have complained of losing business when they encounter men who are circumcised than those that are not as it is ‘short time’ on the latter.

March Zambia deals with HIV/AIDS programmes.

Studies have shown that men who are circumcised prolong sexual encounters than those that are not.

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