Monday, December 29, 2014

KENYA: Man, 45, forcibly circumcised

Madness indeed

Kenya Daly Post
November 24, 2014

This madness of forceful circumcision is back….

45 year old undergoes the cut by force in Bungoma
A 45 year old man from Sirisia, Bungoma County, was ambushed by residents of Mayekwe village yesterday and circumcised by force.

Residents said that Wilson Musa escaped the cut some years back and went to start a new life at Kapcherop village where he married a wife and had come back to his home hoping that they had forgotten.

A resident who requested not to be identified said that the father of five pretended to have been circumcised but unfortunately had a quarrel with his wife, Janet Nanjala, who in the process of hurling insults revealed his secret.

Idle locals quickly called a traditional doctor and forcefully led Musa to the river where he was circumcised.

Musa thanked neighbors saying that for a long time, he had feared the knife adding that he is glad because he is now a real man. [Stockholm syndrome]

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