Monday, December 29, 2014

MALAYSIA: Prime Minister Razak wants to export cutting technology

Kuala Lumpur Post
December 20, 2014

PM calls on local companies to export circumcision technology

PEKAN – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has suggested that local companies widened the circumcision technology not only within the country but also to export it so that the practice will receive response from abroad.

He said the practice of circumcision was not only compulsory among the Muslims but also believers of other religion such as the Jews.

“In fact in our country, even the non-Muslims consider circumcision as a good practice which should also be adopted by them,” he said when speaking at the mass circumcision ceremony for the Pekan parliamentary constituency, here Saturday.

The ceremony, organised by the Pekan Umno Religious Bureau and the Umno Malaysia Religious Bureau, was also attended by Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob.

Najib said if previously the ‘Tok Mudim’ was the most feared person by the children as they performed the circumcision in the traditional manner without the use of anesthetics, but with the latest technology such as the Flushcutter, Tara Clamp, Sunathrone and Laser Carbon dioxide, the feeling of pain during circumcision could be reduced.

“The elderly people in the past said that the pain from circumcision was just like the bite of an ant, but with the availability of various technology including the use of laser, the pain from circumcision could be reduced.

“Previously, those going for circumcision would soak themselves in the pool or river before dawn aimed at reducing the bleeding, shrinking the skin and cleansing themselves, that’s why they held mass bathing and we don’t deny the trauma that the children had to go through using the old method,” he said.

He said that the use of modern circumcision technology such as the Sunatech derived from research by a local could not only reduce the pain but also made the process simpler and safer.

“In fact, it only takes 10 minutes for one session and is a simple process without stitching, without bandaging and without pain.

“Children using this method of circumcision are said to be able to carry out their routine daily activities such as bathing, praying and it (the process) is most suitable for export abroad,” he said.

He said the government was prepared to cooperate with the company concerned to widen the circumcision method in the villages and rural areas especially in areas which was inaccessible to doctors.

Meanwhile, 328 children from within the Pekan parliamentary constituency were involved in the two-day free circumcision programme, reports Bernama.

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