Sunday, June 17, 2012

SYDNEY: Prof. Morris still can't get all the Quaintness off his website

Morris continues to purge his site of Quaintness - unsuccessfully

(C) Brian Morris & the Gilgal Society
Professor Brian Morris of the Univeristy of Sydney has removed references to the Gilgal Society from the French and German versions of his pro-circumcision leaflets.

The Gilgal Society was - and so far as anyone knows, still is - headed by Vernon Quaintance, convicted in April for possessing child pornography.

French, before
Morris leaflet, French, with Gilgal attribution
French, after
Morris leaflet, French, without Gilgal attribution
German, before
Morris leaflet, German, with Gilgal attribution
German, after
Morris leaflet, German, without Gilgal attribution

The circumfetish group circlist replaces the Gilgal Society among recommended websites. The name of Associate Professor Guy Cox of the University of Sydney has also been removed from the leaflets.

The Society and its logo are still emblazoned across its speculative list of Australian and New Zealand circumcisors on Professor Morris's website, Quaintance (misspelt "Quantance") is still listed as the author of a poem in praise of circumcision in the "humor" section, directly under a picture of a naked baby.

The Gilgal Society has published a sheaf of leaflets by Morris and a fetishistic video of an adult circumcision. Its website continues to advertise his leaflets, though "major computer failure" prevents it from selling them. Soon after Quaintance's conviction, Professor Morris removed the Gilgal logo from his leaflets in English, but it has remained on the French and German versions till recently.

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