Thursday, April 19, 2012

ISRAEL: Baby loses 1/3 of penis in worse-than-usual circumcision

April 18, 2012

Mohel Cuts Off A Third of Baby's Penis During Circumcision

A circumcision in Northern Israel went horribly wrong recently, when the mohel responsible for the procedure accidentally cut off a third of the infant’s penis [instead of just a third of the skin] , Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

The infant was rushed to a hospital in Haifa, Israel where an emergency operation was performed because his life was in danger. The circumcision procedure, traditionally done 8 days after birth, may have caused permanent damage to the child [May have? Nay, it did: it always does] , although senior urologists at the hospital said it will be a number of days until anything can be determined.

The baby’s parents have gone to the Israeli Ministry of Health to report the incident.


  1. Is there a link to another article on this? Unfortunately because of your clear stand on the topic, without it people can just say you made the story up. Please try to link to your sources (I'd love to share this but I won't until I see where its from).

    1. Unless I take them out of a newspaper, I always include a link to the articles I comment on. It's always at the very top of the post, with the date it was published. I include a link here.


      ~Hugh Intactive