Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MANCHESTER, UK: Midwife charged after circumcision death

Oldham Chronicle
April 16, 2012

Midwife on baby death charge

A MIDWIFE has been charged with manslaughter after a baby bled to death following a circumcision.

Grace Adeleye (66), of Sarnia Court, Salford, appeared in the dock for the first time at Oldham Magistrates Court on Friday, charged with the manslaughter of Goodluck Caubergs by gross negligence.

The court heard the incident happened on April 17, 2010, in Oldham, and adjourned the case to a court hearing tomorrow at Manchester Crown Square Crown Court.

No plea was indicated by Adeleye and she was given conditional bail, which consisted of not leaving the UK and not to carry out any circumcisions.


  1. I notice the boy's name was Goodluck. His luck ran out when he met the evil cutter midwife. When will the perpetrators, of this worst kind of infant sex abuse, receive the punishment they should. Furthermore, the parents should be up in court, charged under the Offences against the person Act 1861, for they pushed the boy forward for genital mutilation.

  2. Why would and should the parents be charged under the 1861 act? Were they the one that performed the circumcision? And as for refering to the midwife as "evil", are you being serious? Isn't this act legal in the uk? Besides, religion plays a huge role in this so it's a complicated ground to tread on. Oh and until you even know the REAL facts of the case and the events as they occured, do not jump to any conclusion. If what she did was legal and was not grossly negligent in anyway... Then think about what tou write

    1. Religion plays a huge role in female circumcision; nobody thinks it's "complicated" then.

      And yes, let's trust advocates of circumcision to tell us the "real facts." Talk about consulting the foxes who watch the henhouse...

      Ad verecundiam is a mistake; remember that up until 1996 female circumcision was "legal" in the US.