Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PAKISTAN: Baby dies after injection for circumcision

Pakistan Today
April 16, 2012

[Mother of two shot dead]


NEGLIGENCE: A 15-day-old baby died to the alleged negligence of doctor at a private clinic in the Defence-A police limits on Monday. Police have registered a case No 319/12 against Doctor Ali and his dispenser under section 319 of PPC with no arrest so far. Per details, one Babar Ali, resident of Chungi Amr Sidhu visited the private clinic of Doctor Ali for circumcision of his newly born baby named Ali. The doctor administered an injection which reacted and claimed the life of the neonate. As a result, the family of victim baby gathered on road and staged a protest demonstration. Local police reached the scene and assured them of justice. Police also conducted raid but the accused managed to flee. Police have registered a case against accused doctor and his dispenser for further action.


  1. I suspect that an overdose of lidocaine, or a high sensitivity to it, was to blame. An overdose of lidocaine can kill a child, or injure it for life. That is a major reason why many USA docs resist using it during RIC.

    Islamic tradition ordains that circumcision be performed between the 4th and 10th birthdays. Infant circumcision is a Jewish custom become American practice.

  2. Of course, all that is possible is done to draw attention away from the fact that the boy has died due to an unnecessary operation.

    The boy's death may very well has been caused by an overdose of lidocaine.

    But was an administration of lidocane warranted?

    What was the medical necessity for surgery?

    Because this was a traditional ritual and NOT a medically necessary procedure, how is this boy's death conscionable?

  3. It was an unnecessary procedure, therefore the father is as much to blame as the cutter and assistant.