Sunday, June 17, 2012

ISRAEL: More Jews not circumcising

Haaretz (subscription required)
June 14, 2012

Even in Israel, more and more parents choose not to circumcise their sons

What will the kids in school say - not to mention army buddies? What is healthier? Should such men be called Jews?
By Netta Ahituv
... of 1,418 parents of boys, 4.8 percent did not have them circumcised.

"...Suddenly I realized that people do more research about strollers than they do about the issue of slicing off part of their son’s body."

Writer Meir Shalev noted ... “It is not only circumcision itself that should make us wonder, but also the enthusiasm we display in preserving the custom. Something very strange is going on here. "

“Our children are pleased that they were not circumcised. They never got angry at us, ...."

Tamir, for her part, wonders what will happen if an anti-AIDS vaccine is developed in 10 years’ time. “How will I feel about having cut my son’s sexual organ in order to reduce the likelihood that he will contract AIDS when there is already good nonsurgical protection available (the condom) and in the end a vaccine will also be developed?

Yuri, 26 (not his real name), ... was circumcised when he was 16. ...“the feeling in the sexual contact was affected, it was wrecked. ... I had made a mistake. I was 16 and I was an idiot.”

... Many fathers who have their sons circumcised express the desire that they will not look different, adding that they are happy to have been circumcised and accordingly are happy to pass on the custom to their children. To this Galit responds, “My children never asked me why they are different from their father. Since when do children have to be exactly like their parents?”

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