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SAN FRANCISCO: Two Intactivist Groups in Pride: Commentators tongue-tied

SF Pride Live
June 25, 2012

Two Intactivist contingents in SF Pride: Commentators tongue-tied

Two Intactivist contingents marched in San Francisco's Gay Pride parade on Sunday.

The parade's theme was global equality. Intactivists were marching for equality of the sexes. TV commentators were embarassed, inaccurate and awkward.

For the MGMBill contingent, the commentary was, to say the least, uninformative:

To view: Segments can only be watched in sequence. Slide to the end of the first segment, and to 1:43:45 in the second segment. Commentators continue to talk about the Dolan Law Firm making historic law changes as the MGM Bill poster passes.

Donna Sachet: As we said, every contingent has a place in this parade, and we have, uh, uh, MGMbill right here.
SF Pride 2012 MGMBill
(now suddenly enthusiastic) Followed quickly by PETA! An organization that wants to protect the ethical treatment of animals. You've heard a lot about them, but this is a voice in the parade that needs to be heard.
(PETA has also aroused controversy for its illegal actions and strong advocacy for the rights of animals compared to humans.) One MGMBill member was riding a Segway. It would have been a simple segue from the ethical treatment of humans to the ethical treatment of animals.

For the Bay Area Intactivists contingent, the running commentary was even more awkward:

To view: Slide to 30:28 in the third segment.
SF Pride 2012 Bay Area Intactivists

Michelle Meow: This next organization, um, actually... very interesting... and, and we keep saying this all throughout the San Francisco Pride Parade celebration, is, you've got, uh, every group has got their own feelings, they've got got their own kind of mission going...
(fumbling to find her card stating what BAI is about)

This next group is Bay Area InACTIVISTS (sic). Founded in 2001, they are... Bay Area InACTIVISTS is a human rights organization with members working to eradicate all forms of genital mutilation, including routine infant circumcision.
(awkward dead silence)

Kind of a topic that uh, I mean, uh, I, I, I... (She petas out. Donna apparently feels the need to remind her that she's not to diss the participants:)

SF Pride 2012 Bay Area Intactivists

Donna Sachet: As we said, there's a place for everyone in the Parade and you can be a part of the parade next year if you have something you want to represent. So we welcome everyone in the parade.

Michelle Meow: Well, last year the San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill ballot initiative to restrict male circumcision to consenting adults made international news... (draws out "news", more awkward silence.)

SF Pride 2012 Bay Area Intactivists
Donna Sachet: Well, the sun is really out now, I tell ya... (BAI is still going by and there's no one else up)
We're here! We're Intactivists! It's a human rights issue! Get used to it!

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