Friday, June 22, 2012

LIMPOPO, SOUTH AFRICA: Taxi driver kidnapped and forcibly circumcised

The Sowetan
June 21, 2012

Taxi driver kidnapped and forcibly circumcised

By Frank Maponya Limpopo Bureau Chief
"The abductors must be traced and face penalties" - House of Traditional Leaders. But the victim will not be released from the school.

THE family of a Limpopo taxi owner is fuming after he was abducted, allegedly by his colleagues in the taxi industry, and forced into an initiation school to be circumcised.

The incident happened on Sunday, two days after the start of the initiation season, in Nebo in the Sekhukhune area.

Jacob Mafiri, 42, was allegedly taken against his will to an initiation school in Eensaam village.
Mafiri is a well-known taxi owner and driver in the area.

It is not known what prompted the action and the matter is still under investigation.
His brother, Thomas, confirmed to Sowetan that Mafiri had not yet been to an initiation school as required by the culture of his family.

"We come from a religious family in which none of us, including our parents, were ever allowed to attend initiations," Thomas said.

"We view what happened to Jacob as his rights having been trampled on by the perpetrators.

"Jacob has a wife and five children who all depend on him," he said.

"His car is parked and cannot operate because no one, except the owner, has a permit to operate it as a taxi."


Thomas said it was worrisome that the period between now and when the initiation schools were set to close down was long and that his brother's family would starve. Mafiri is the sole breadwinner.

Limpopo deputy chairman of the House of Traditional Leaders Hosi Eric Chauke said abduction was not allowed as they - the men who adducted Mafiri - had the responsibility to "respect other people's human rights".

"In this case the abductors must be traced and face penalties," Chauke said.

"It is obviously a police case and we will report it."


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