Friday, November 9, 2012

KENYA: Infant circumcision "safe" - Bailey at work again
November 5, 2012

Kenya: Scientists Give Infant Circumcision Go-Ahead

By Samuel Otieno
RESEARCHERS have given a nod to infant male circumcision. A recent research of more than 1,200 infant male circumcisions performed at government hospitals in Nyanza province shows the procedure is safe among infants.

The study suggests that the best time for performing the procedure is below one month to avoid complications. The study was conducted by chief investigator Marisa Young of the University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Public Health and colleagues.

Others are the Nyanza Reproductive Health Society, CARE, International and Impact Research and Development Organisation. It was funded by the Male Circumcision Consortium, with support for co-author Professor Robert Bailey from the Chicago Developmental Centre for AIDS.

The study is part of the wider programme to fight HIV/Aids through circumcision. Research shows that circumcision reduces HIV infection by more than 60 per cent. [No study has shown that infant circumcision has any effect on HIV transmission.]

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