Friday, November 9, 2012

ZIMBABWE: Man wants his foreskin back

Bulawayo24 (Zimbabwe)
November 4, 2012

Man demands his foreskin back after circumcision

A Chiredzi man who claims to have lost erection after being circumcised in the Pinda Musimati HIV and Aids Campaign has become a bother at the Family Aids Caring Trust (FACT) in Chiredzi where he is demanding his foreskin back.

FACT executive director for Chiredzi, Ropafadzo Magwaza confirmed the story and said she was happy that the man had not become violent. ...

Magwaza said she quickly organised a stakeholders meeting to clear the man's issues. The man confronted FACT Chiredzi volunteers working in the area and demanded that they give him back his foreskin as he had experienced weak erection since he went through the knife. He said he had become weak and could not get the erection that he used to and even accused the organization of taking people's foreskins for ritual purposes because other newspapers had refuted the claim that circumcision reduces HIV and AIDS by 60%.

"Yes, we received the report but we are happy that the man never became violent but is always nagging our staff over his foreskin. This prompted us to call for an urgent stakeholders meeting where we called the National Aids Council (NAC), Zimbabwe Aids Network (PSI), NANGO, traditional leaders including Chief Chilonga, Chief Chitanga Chief Tshovani, a medical doctor from Hippo Valley and councilors.

"FACT Chiredzi does not carry out circumcision but we only mobilize people and do all the Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VTC), while the hospital carry out the circumcision. We are happy that Chief Chilonga managed to explain to participants fully about male circumcision. It was a relief to hear words of wisdom from a traditional leader," said Magwaza. [And did the words of wisdom give the man back his erections - or his foreskin?]

Confusion over circumcision hit the head lines as newspapers ran conflicting stories on the advantages of circumcision, with President Robert Mugabe's health advisor Timothy Stamps rubbishing the survey and calling it baseless and misleading.

[Memo to circumcision advocates and providers: Include
"I understand that circumcision is irreversible and I can NEVER get my foreskin back"
in informed consent forms.

And he could be shown with this model what is removed:

Penis model - before
Penis model - after

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