Thursday, November 1, 2012

Malawi: Circumcised men & sex workers throw caution to the winds

Malawi Voice
October 31, 2012

Circumcised Men On Sex Spree: "They Think They are Immune To HIV"

By Malawi Voice
Some circumcised men in Mangochi have gone on a sex rampage, whilst claiming that they are immune to HIV.
Apparently the circumcised men have been misinformed on the effectiveness of male circumcision and reduction of HIV transmission.
According [to] Dickens Mahawayo of Given Secrets Consultants he bemoaned misinformation surrounding Iale circumcision in reducing the HIV transmission.
He said most circumcised men in the district think they are licensed to chase every skirt they see on the street.
"What is most saddening is that most circumcised men [are] now engaging in unprotected sex claiming they are immune to HIV" he said.
He said 74 percent of circumcised men interviewed no longer practice safe sex.
And only 42 percent of sex workers only demand their partners to use condoms when they are no[t] circumcised.
"In fact circumcised men are now charged peanuts for sex compared with uncircumcised men" he said.
But nevertheless there is compelling evidence that male circumcision reduces the spread of HIV by 60 percent. [This must be a new meaning of "reduces".]
HIV Rates:Circumcised men13.2%
Intact men9.5%

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