Saturday, November 15, 2014

GLASGOW: 60-year-old circumcised "by accident"

Not nearly enough...

Metro (UK)
October 8, 2014

Doctors gave patient a circumcision by accident

A hospital patient who went in to have his penis straightened was circumcised without his permission.

David Duffy, 60, came round from his operation to discover that he had 11 stitches in place of his foreskin.

He’s now been given £2,000 [USD3,222] in compensation from Glasgow Royal Infirmary, according to The Sun.

Saying he felt violated, David said: ‘My penis was bending to the left. It wasn’t painful but it didn’t look right.

‘I had an operation to straighten the bend. Nothing was ever said about circumcision.’
The straightening operation was a success.

A spokesman for NHS Greater Glasgow said the hospital had apologised, adding: ‘If Mr Duffy has further concerns, we would be happy to look into them.’

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