Monday, November 17, 2014

PHILIPPINES: 11-year-old forcibly circumcised, videoed

Zamboanga Today (Philippines)
November 15, 2014

Boy circumcised against his will

by Nonong Santiago
An 11-year-old boy complained against four jobless invividuals who forcibly circumcised him against his will last November 7, 2014 in Barangay Canelar this city.

The boy, name withheld, identified the four suspects as Tony Carpio, 46; Noel Cabato, 32; Marlon Maceda, 25; and Manuel Mortera, 21.

He said the suspects all are residents of Acapulco Drive, Barangay Canelar.

The victim, a grade 3 pupil of Canelar Elementary School, said two of the four suspects tied the boy’s hands with a towel while Carpio cut his penis with a “Gillete” blade while Mortera was videoing the event using his cellphone. [...for sale to circumfetishists?]

His auntie Jocelyn Paraiso went to complain to kagawad [Counciller] Jesus Balan and immediately the suspects were hauled by the village leaders to the barangay [district] hall for confrontation.

The suspects agreed to pay the medical expenses incurred at the hospital and asked forgiveness to the boy’s auntie.

Paraiso said she is still contemplating whether to file the case in court against the four suspects, who are his neighbors.

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