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LONDON: Paedophile Quaintance maintains circum-fetish website from prison

October 29, 2014

Imprisoned paedophile maintains circum-fetish website

by Hugh Young
An imprisoned paedophile is the registered owner of a circumcision-fetish website.

Vernon Quaintance, 71, is serving a two year sentence for offences against boys and possession of offensive material (thousands of images of boys being circumcised). The prosecution told his trial that the circumcision-promoting "Gilgal Society" of which he was the head, was "just a facade" for his paedophilic activity.

The Gilgal website froze when Quaintance was first convicted of possessing indecent images in April 2012, but it was replaced by a very similar one, the "Circumcision Helpdesk", at the same time as Quaintance's second trial began.

It turns out that the Circumcision Helpdesk site is registred in the name of Vernon Quaintance. It is not known whether Quaintance has access to the website from prison.

Like the Gilgal Society, one of the main activities of the Circumcision Helpdesk site is to give access to leaflets promoting circumcision written by Professor Brian Morris of the University of Sydney.

The Circumcision Helpdesk site links through its "Reference Centre" to a leaflet called "Preparation for Infant or Childhood Circumcision, An Introductory Guide".
It includes this text.

"The frenulum is an ‘elastic band’ type of structure which sits in the groove on the underside of the glans. ... [B]ecause the removal of the foreskin renders it redundant, the frenulum is usually (but not always) removed as part of the circumcision."
In fact, the frenulum is a remnant of the richly innervated ridged band running round the inside of the foreskin, and for that reason circumcised men (but only they) call it their "G-spot".

The authors are given as "Inter-Circ Moderation Team, Medical Reviewer John Murray M.D." It is dated July 2014, and copyrighted by "The International Circumcision Forum © Inter-Circ". Inter-Circ is the public face of the circumfetish group Circlist. One of its four suggested links is to, Professor Morris's site.

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