Monday, January 13, 2014

MONTREAL: Group wants circumcison age-restricted in Quebec

CTV News
January 9, 2014

Stop Circumcision Quebec wants more restrictions

Parliamentary hearings on the Charter of Quebec Values begin next week, but many groups are making their positions public now.

...A third group, Stop Circumcision Quebec, said the Charter of Values should do more than just ban the wearing of religious symbols by government employees and contractors: it wants the government to ban [No, age-restrict] circumcision.

The organization says circumcision is a religious rite that mutilates children, and should not be tolerated in a modern society.

Several countries have debate whether circumcision of males should be prohibited by law, but all countries allow i[t], and some have passed legislation explicitly allowing it for religious reasons.

Government hearings on Bill 60 begin Tuesday Jan. 14 in Quebec City.

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