Saturday, July 21, 2012

DENMARK: Majority of parliament would vote against circumcision

Europe News
July 20, 2012

Danish parliament: Majority against religious circumcision

"If the Danish parliament would vote on whether religious circumcision of male children should be prohibited, there is strong evidence that such a ban would be enacted. Spokesmen from the three largest parties in Denmark (Liberals, Social Democrats and Danish Peoples' Party) express that they and their parties are skeptical about the current practice where Jewish and Muslim boys may lawfully be circumcised, if there is a doctor present when surgery is performed.


'It will be difficult to find a doctor who will claim that it is a risk free procedure. ... Based on the fact that it can cause medical complications, I think it is a procedure that should only be made when the person is adult and can decide himself,' says Sophie Løhde (Liberals). ...

The Danish Council of Ethics and the Danish Children's Council has recommended a ban. Also the two parties Green Alliance and Liberal Alliance has declared themselves in favor of a ban."

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