Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SWAZILAND: Pastor condemns circumcision - sort of

the Times (Swaziland)
July 16, 2012

Preacher attacks circumcision programme

LUDZELUDZE – Preachers had to be called to order at the vigil of Dr Zonke Amos Khumalo after one of them used the platform to attack the circumcision programme called Soka Uncobe. ["Circumcise and conquer"]
A preacher identified as Majahonke Tshabalala said the campaign to encourage men to circumcise was misleading people as they now thought that when one was circumcised he had conquered death.

He said this was misleading as there was nowhere in the Bible where it states that one can conquer death through circumcision.

The man of the cloth told mourners that for a person to conquer death they must accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and forget about circumcision.

He also came hard on people being instructed to go public after they were circumcised. Tshabalala shocked mourners when he claimed that Jesus Christ yelled once ...

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