Friday, July 6, 2012

KENYA: Propaganda campaign intensifies

Sounds like men haven't been buying it ...

The Star (Kenya)
July 3, 2012

New boost for male circumcision

By Samuel Otieno
More than 200 scientists, nurses, doctors, counsellors, advocates, journalists and community members from at least 15 African countries have joined a campaign to build support for voluntary medical male circumcision. The campaign, “Africans telling the truth about male circumcision,” brings together Africans who support VMMC as an evidence-based tool to help end the spread of HIV infection.
[How many "sciensts, doctors and nurses" are there, who are actually involved in the field, and how many are "useful idiots" to make up the numbers?]
Angelo Kaggwa the programme coordinator says that the campaign is a uniquely African contribution to the global effort to stem the AIDS epidemic. The campaign has begun on social media but plans to use other channels to reach more people at the grassroots level.
[Uniquely African? Or is someone like Dr Robert Bailey driving it from behind?]

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