Friday, July 13, 2012

ISRAEL: Circumcision promoted for secular Jews

Milah b'li Brit? (Cutting without Covenant?)

Israel National News
July 10, 2012

Tzohar to Make Circumcision Secular-Friendly

The Tzohar organization has launched a program to assist secular Israelis in conducting brit mila (circumcision) ceremonies for their sons. The organization currently assists in running Jewish marriage ceremonies for secular couples, and has played a part in 35,000 weddings.

“Beyond the physical aspects of the Brit Milah which parents naturally find stressful, we know that secular couples in particular can find the rituals associated with this process to be confusing and even alienating,” said Rabbi David Stav, Chairman and co-Founder of Tzohar.

Rabbi Stav noted that in recent years, some Israelis have chosen not to circumcise their sons. “This is a tradition which has defined our people for thousands of years and any threat to its continuation, particularly here in the modern Jewish State, should be confronted before the numbers of Jewish boys being denied a Brit Milah grows to even more troubling proportions,” he said.

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